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Support in your career


  • Same day commission

  • Liberal Underwriting

  • Exotic Trips Incentive for contest winners

  • Competitive group benefits: Health, Dental, Individual or Family Plans for qualifying agents

  • Fresh, Local, Exclusive leads

  • Field agent support with our offices

  • Training and recognition meeting provided by our agency

  • Simplified application

  • Residual Income Opportunity

The good news is that selling final expense insurance, whether on a part- or full-time basis, is an excellent opportunity that I believe needs to be integrated into every financial professional’s practice. The better news is that final expense sales will grow exponentially in the years and decades ahead.

In order to help explain why this opportunity must be considered, I have assembled a list of reasons why it is a no-brainer to take on this niche.

  • To apply and be appointed to sell final expense insurance, you don’t need a high school or college degree, and rarely will you need a resume.

  • You do not need a sales or marketing background.

  • The only licensing requirement is to have a currently active insurance license in every state in which you wish to do business.

  • Almost everyone who wishes to be appointed with a final expense insurance carrier is accepted and quickly licensed to sell.

  • There is fast and easy-to-understand training provided by our agency that allows you to start making money quickly.

  • This can be an excellent option for experienced agents to quickly add to their existing practice for additional value and revenue.

  • Final expense is a great opportunity for someone seeking a part-time job where they can make substantial income with flexible hours.

Explaining the opportunity
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