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What are the benefits of working in the Final Expense division of Security National Life & Latinos Unidos?

Our proven system has produced numerous multi-millionaires. Follow the system, and you can earn millions as well.


Work is the secret.

   • All our commissions are paid DAILY

  • Start level commission of 100%

  • Opportunity to growth up to 150% commission level

  • Advances in approval policies, not in issue time

  • Up to $1,200 advance per policy and up to $2,400 advance per household 

  • Company-assisted lead generation programs

  • Strong training and support, with a solid program to help you achieve your goals

  • Day One Vesting

  • No E&O insurance is required for appointment

  • Year-round sales incentives, contests and bonuses

Become a Final Expense Agent with Security National Life

"We have perfected a final expense selling system that allows everyday insurance agents to reach their maximum potential. What drives our insurance sales is the quality final expense leads we provide to our insurance agents on a daily basis.


No experience in the insurance industry, no problem. If you are looking to make a career change, we will be with you every step of the way as you transition into one of the best career opportunities in America. We will provide all our insurance agents a turn key selling system including back room administrative support so you can focus on selling final expense life insurance.


Our insurance sales jobs are extremely profitable for insurance agents that are eager, competitive, hard working, and most importantly willing to follow our system. If you are an existing insurance agent, or simply looking for a career change you owe it to yourself to give us a call."



The Final Expense Market is principally composed of Seniors in need of additional insurance for the specific purpose of paying for the expenses incurred at and around the time of death. In addition to funeral costs, final expenses can include hospital and other costs associated with an illness, probate costs (where applicable), as well as other unforeseen cash outlays.


Many Seniors lose their insurance when they retire. Often individuals near retirement do not have permanent coverage, and government benefits pays only $255 at the time of death ( . Combine that situation with the rising cost of funerals and it creates an opportunity for the sale final expense of insurance. The many advantages of this market over the typical insurance market are listed below.


  • More effective selling time

  • ​Excellent products with generous underwriting

  • Most people can qualify for coverage, even with health issues.

  • Quick policy turnaround - reduces buyer's remorse

  • Simple sales process - presentations are 30 minutes to an hour, leaving time for more contact and presentation calls Huge Market

  • Prospects respond to lead solicitations - prospecting is simplified for the agent

  • The financial need is easily identified and the solution is affordable

  • The market is growing and the future looks great - because more people every day enter the prime age group and the cost of funerals continues to rise, this market will enjoy sale growth for years to come.

I T ' S  T I M E   T O  E N J O Y   Y O U R   L I F E
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