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Our Roots

The roots of our company were planted deep in 1965 with the founding of Security National Life Insurance Company. Starting with only $543,000 in assets, in a small rented house in Salt Lake City, Utah, Security National has grown into a strong industry leader in several fields of service.

Security National Life Insurance Company

Security National Life Insurance Company is a market leader in “end of life” insurance products and services. Based on conservative and sound financial principles, you can be assured that we are only interested in long-term relationships and business strategies.


Security National is a publicly traded company as part of the Nasdaq 100 and accredited by AM best (A- Excellent) Finances are open to the public, giving you the transparency to see and query your financial base. 
Security National has been in business for more than 50 years and was named one of the Best Places to Work for six consecutive years.

In a strategic alliance to increase the production achieved so far in its final expenses division, it joins an ambitious project with the organization Latinos Unidos.

This strategic alliance has all the experience acquired by Latinos Unidos for more than 25 years in the insurance industry and the strength and economic solidity achieved by Security National. The union and experience of two organizations with ambitious projects and goals will make their final expense product enter the competition of companies specialized in providing a complete program of final expenses.
Selling life insurance is not just another sales job, for us it goes beyond since our main focus is to be able to help many families prepare for a difficult time ahead. Security National Life offers a variety of products that will adapt to the needs of each family and with the aim of providing coverage at an affordable price to each family.


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